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Registered Nurse Jobs in Ohio

Ohio State is going to need more nurses to fulfill the projected growth rate of 15% over the next 5 years. The 15% equals approximately 4,300 new jobs to be filled annually between now and 2022. Wages for the nurses that will fulfill these positions are at an estimated $39 per hour or $61,000 yearly. If you are a Registered Nurse that has been working in the field you can expect to see and average income of approximately $38 per hour, meaning you would earn an estimated $80,000 annually.

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Registered Nursing Salary in Ohio

Location Total Employment Annual Salary
United States 2,906,840 $70,000
Ohio 124,620 $63,300
Cleveland-Elyria, OH 27,540 $67,420
Cincinnati, OH-KY-IN 23,580 $64,050
Columbus, OH 22,070 $62,460
Dayton, OH 11,670 $65,260
Akron, OH 7,370 $69,170

Table data taken from 2017 BLS (

RN Jobs in Ohio

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